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90 Pack

Proclear Logo contact lenses from CooperVision
90 soft contact lenses immersed in buffered saline solution.
$73.95 /CAD
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Proclear® 1 DAY 90 PACK Contact Lenses from CooperVision are daily disposable lenses. If you wear daily disposable contacts, you already know how convenient they are. Unfortunately, you also know that those fresh new lenses that felt so good in the morning don't always stay that way, especially by late in the day. But now there are disposable contacts that do just that: new Proclear® 1 Day. You get all the convenience of a daily disposable plus an unsurpassed level of comfort that lasts all day long.

This exceptional level of comfort is made possible by PC Technology, which creates a unique material containing molecules of phosphorylcholine (PC), a substance found naturally in human cell membranes. These molecules attract and surround themselves with water, keeping Proclear® 1 Day lenses moist and comfortable, even after 12 hours of wear.

  • Lens Types Disposable – Daily
  • Package Details 90 soft contact lenses immersed in buffered saline solution.
  • Material and % of content 40% polymer (omafilcon A)
  • Water % of content 60%
  • Manufacturer CooperVision